Books, Books & More Books!  
From time-to-time, selected titles will be suggested for your consideration 
as you continue on in your search for Truth.

Answering the Question, "What do I read next?"
Marilyn Suggests....
 In Tune with The Infinite by Ralph Waldo Trine [Marilyn's Bible] 

Borgia, A. - Heaven and Earth
Myers, F.W.H. - Human Personality & Its Suvival of Bodily Death
Moody, R. - Glimpses of Eternity
Roach, Mary - Spook: Science Tackles the Afterlife
Rogers, J. The Medium Within
Schwartz, G. - The Afterlife Experiments
Smith, S. - The Afterlife Codes

Barbanell, S. - When Your Animal Dies

Denning & Phillips - Astral Projection
Monroe, Robert  - Journeys out of the Body - Far Journeys - 
                              The Ultimate Journey

Andrews, T. - How to See & Read the Aura
                     - How to Heal withColor
Butler, W. E. -  How to Read the Aura, Practice Psychometry,
                         Telepathy & Clairvoyance
Kilner, Walter J. - The Human Aura

King, Serge - Mastering Your Hidden Self 
Ord, David Robert - Your Forgotten Self

Carnegie, Dale - Quick & Easy Way to Effective Speaking 
                          - Public Speaking
Daniels, Peter J. - Awesome Power of Public Speaking 

Brennan, Barbara - Light Emerging
                               - Healing Hands           
Leadbeater, Charles - The Chakras

Moody, Raymond - Life After Life and Reflections
                               - Paranormal: My Life in Pursuit of the Afterlife 
Parrish-Harra, Carol W. - Handbook on Death & Dying
Sherman, Harold - You Live After Death (classic)

Ross, Edward & Wright, Richard D. - Dowsing

Faraday, Ann - Dream Power
Nacson, Leon - Interpreting Dreams A-Z
Van de Castle, Robert L. - Our Dreaming Mind

 Candace B. Pert - Molecules of Emotion, 
                                Science behind MInd-Body Medicine
Chris Geriscom -The Healing od Emotion by C

McTagget, Lynne -The Field 
Heriott, Alain & Jody - Quantum Touch- 
                                     Core Transformation 
                                      Quantum Touch - Advanced Techniques 
Gordon, Richard - Quantum Touch 
                                The Power to He

Holzer, Hans - Ghosts I’ve Met
LiRriszi, M. - Dark Woods, Chilly Waters
Schulte, C. O. - Ghosts on the Coast of Maine

Brennan, Barbara - Hands of Light
Carter & Weber - Body Reflexology
Chopra, Deepak - Quantum Healing
Edwards, Harry - Thirty Years a Spiritual Healer (classic)
King, Serge - Kahuna Healing
Schwartz, G. - The Energy Healing Experiments
Thompson, M.D., Robert & Kaleen Barnes--The Calcium Lie

LeShan, Leslie - Complete Guide to Hypnosis 
Sparks, Laurance - Self Hypnosis

Allen, James - As a Man Thinketh
Bloodworth - Key to Yourself 

LeShan - How to Meditate

Andrews, Ted - How to Meet & Work with Spirit Guides
Carrington, Hereward - Your Psychic Powers and How to Develop Them
Cyford, Janet - Ring of Chairs
Edwards, Harry - A Guide to Mediumship
Hoffman, Enid - Develop Your Psychic Skills 
Nagy, Ron - Slate Writing; Invisible Intelligence
                    Precipitated Spirit Paintings
Olson, Dale - Advanced Pendulum Instruction and Application
Tuttle, H. - Mediumships & Its Laws
Wallace, E.W. - A Guide to Mediumship & Psychical Unfoldment
White, S.E. -The Betty Book
                                                            White, S.E. -The Unobstructed Universe
Murphy, Dr. J. - Power of Your Subconscious Mind  
Silva, J. - Silva Mind Control 
White Eagle - The Quiet Mind 

Awtry, Marilyn J. - River of Life - How to Live in the Flow 
SAM  INC. (Marilyn Awtry & Paula Vogt) -  Natural Law Governs 
Templeton, John Marks - Discovering the Laws of Life

Ebon, Martin - Parapsychology Handbook 
Martinez, Susan B. - The Psychic Life of Abraham Lincoln
Mishlove, J. - Roots of Consciousness
Ostrander/Schroeder - Handbook of PSI Discoveries
Rogo, D. Scott - Exploring Psychic Phenomena
Schoch & Yonavjak - The Parapsychology Revolution
Volk, Steve - How I Tried to Explain Away the Unexplainable and Couldn't

Awtry, Marilyn - Living in the Light: A Guide to Spiritualism's Philosophy
Clark, Glen - Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe 
Findlay, Arthur - The Curse of Ignorance
Hall, Manly P. - Lectures of Ancient Philosophy 
James, William - Philosophy

Chadwick, Gloria - Discovering Your Past Lives
Holzer, Hans -  Born Again
Leek, Sybil - Reincarnation - A Second Chance 
Richmond, C. - The Soul in Human Embodiments
Wilson, Ernest - You Have Lived Other Lives

Harley, Willard F. - His Needs, Her Needs
Heatherley, Joyce L. - Balcony People 
Wright, Norman - Getting Along with Almost Anyone

Crooke, W. - The Phenomena of Spiritualism
Griffin, N, - From Science to Spirituality
Tiller, William A. PhD - Science & Human Transformation

Beattie, Melody - What You Think of Me is None of My Business 
Brown, Michael - The Presence Process-Healing Journey into the Present Awareness
Chopra, Deepak - The Deeper Wound-Recovering the Soul from Fear & Suffering 
Dyer, Dr. Wayne W. - You Will See It When You Believe It 
Egby, Robert - Cracking the Glass Darkly
Ellis, Albert - How to Stubbornly Refuse to Make Yourself Miserable 
Martin, Francis P. - Hung by the Tongue 
Mason, John L. - Let Go of Whatever Makes You Stop 
Pert, Candice - Molecules of Emotions 

Andrews, T. - Animal Speaks-The Spiritual & Magical Power of Creatures Great & Small
                      The Animal Speaks Workbook
                       Nature - Speak: Signs, Omens & Messages in Nature
Ingerman, S.: Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self
Ingerman, S. & Wesselman, Han: Awakening the Spirit Within

Durland, Stanley - Where Angels Tread (Stewart White's scripts
                   that was to be the sequel to Unobstructed Universe)
Leonard, T. - Talking to the Other Side
White, Stewart Edward - The Betty Book
                                          The Unobstructed Universe
                                          Across the Unknown {Classics } 

Goldsmith. J. S. - The Art of Meditation
                               The Art of Spiritual Healing
                               Thunder of Silence
Lamsa, Geore M. - And the Scrolls Opened
Lesser, Elizabeth - The New AmericanSpiritualisty (A Seeker's Guide)
Tolle, Eckhart -The Power of NOW, A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment
Trine, Ralph Waldo - All of his Books 
Wolf,Fred Alan, PhD - The spiritual Universe

Awtry, Marilyn - River of Life: How to Life in the Flow 
                             {76 Spiritual Natural Laws}
                            Cassadaga Where Spirits Meet
                            Spiritualism on the Move: A Reality Check for the New Century
                            Spiritualism & the Bible Connection
                            Light from Beyond the Tomb: Spiritualism Survived
                            Path of Light, Vol I & II
Barbanell, Maurice - This is Spiritualism {Classic}
**Burroughs, Gordon - Becoming a Spiritualist (Classic)
**Cadwallader, M.E. - Hydesville in History
Colville, W. - Universal Spiritualism  
Egby, Robert - The Quest of the Radical Spiritualist
                          Insights the Healing Paths of the Radical Spiritualist
Findlay, Arthur - On the Edge of the Etheric (classic) (all his books)
Smith, Susy - The Book of James (classic) -All of her books!
White Eagle - All White Eagle books

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