Booklet 1 - Spirit Photography
 Booklet 2 - The Home Circle   
 Booklet 3 - Table-Tipping            
 Booklet 4 - Voice Phenomena
                                     ~ ~ ~ 
  Where Spirits Meet

River of Life –  
  How to Live in the Flow (2nd Printing)
  [76 Natural Laws]

Path of Light Vol. I
  Spiritualism from 1848 leading to
  an organized Relgion.

Path  of Light Vol. II
   The Trinity of Spiritualism to
    Spiritualism, A Way of Life

Living In The Light: 
    A Guide to Spiritualism's Philosophy                   

Spiritualism on the Move: 
    A Reality Check for aNew Century   

Spiritualism & The Bible                      

Light from Beyond the Tomb:           
 Spiritualism Survived

YOU – and a Way                                  
 (Revision in process)             

Historical Millennium Calendar                
   Historical data recorded on the 
   applicable day of each month from 
   l819 to 2000.

Sunrise to Sunset 
                 -There is Always Hope              
Compiled by Marilyn J. Awtry for the late
Edward G. Buro, my sisters husband. A
true story of the meeting of two seniors, 
whirlwind courtship, marriage, and his 
unexpected passing leaving his love 
letters to share the gift of HOPE.

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