Welcome. Just sit back, relax and sort through the gallery*.  You can meet my family and grand-animals.  Gladly, I share some of my fondest of memories as well as introduce to you people who have joined my heart as dearest friends.  My scenery folder will share with you some of the places I have traveled along my path of life. It is hoped you will enjoy it all!  

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First, I share with you my daughters, son-in-law, then followed by my sister with Tsu-ling, my brother, father, mother, and my maternal grandmother, grandfather, and our adopted family member, Janie. Then, I share my grand- animals: Dogs – Jackson, Travis and Indy; Horses – Magnolia and McCloud; and Spike the Cat. {a new one to be entered soon}

Although each memory is precious, it was  most stirring meeting my best childhood friend, Joan, after a 50 year absence – Anne Gehman & Wayne Knoll – Cherry Blossom Time in Washington, D.C. – Marilyn & Friends in Camp Verde Motel on the Indian Reservation – The Four Musketeers at Marilyn’s Birthday Party at the Mission Inn, Howey-on-the-Hills, FL – Kathleen, Frank & Marilyn in AZ – Jane & Marilyn at a Victorian weekend – Sanford flooded after the hurricane – Snow scene to remember in Lily Dale – My retirement, USCG – Niagara Falls – Chris, Jane & Marilyn in Mt. Dora, FL – Special Cards on the Hammond organ.


My travels have been from east to west and north to south. Some times I was foolish enough to allow my camera to sit in the suitcase or on the floor of the car. However, relax and enjoy! – The Big-mouthed Gator at the Villages, FL – Two cranes, one said: "Ooops! there’s a big gator"  White Crane  Tree at the Grand Canyon designating “Bloom Where You’re Planted" – Grand Canyon –  Empire State – Cherry Blossoms in Washington, D.C. – Moon over Daytona Beach, FL – Sunset on Lake Erie, NY  The Swans, 'Lily and Dale' – Niagara Falls, Canada – Racoon in the Tree – Vortex at Sedona.


Take a tour of a few of the many facets of Spiritualism...starting with the Katie & Maggie Fox Tombstone in Cypress Hills Cemetery – a plaque of Horace Greeley – the entrance to Lily Dale at night  perhaps visiting the Stump  a picture of Joseph H. Merrill, the President of the NSAC from 1973 until 1993, and known to many of us as Poppa Joe – Harry Edwards, the Healer – Dorothy, Mary E. Cadwallader’s most favored of her extensive doll collection – Tombstone of Mollie Fancher, The Brooklyn Enigma  Morris Pratt Institute building in Lily Dale and Marion Skidmore, Mother of Cassadaga.


Two of the most noted camps that have been a part of my life are shown in these few selected pictures. 

Let's begin by traveling to Lily Dale, New York and take this short tour beginning at the Assembly Hall, following with the Pagoda, Auditorium, The Stump, Forest Temple and Museum.  There are many more places to visit should you so desire.

Now, let's head south to Cassadaga, Florida.  We first see the Entrance as it was many years ago. Next we view The Colby Temple, Davis Building, Healing Center and Healers at work.  Once again, there are many other places to visit should you so desire.

Marilyn J. Awtry
Spirit Intermediary
Mission Inn celebration
NY Airport
Ice Cream Bar antics
Victorian Janie
Grandmother and Grandfather
Lily and Dale and 2008 babies
My what a BIG mouth you have
Do you see what I see??
Where is my food?
Bloom where you are planted
Grand Canyon
Empire State Building
Cherry Blossoms, Wash DC
Moon over Daytona Beach
Lake Erie Sunset
Lily and Dale
Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls
Racoon playing hide and seek
Fox House with Spirit Clouds
Maggie and Kate Tomb Stone
Horace Greely Stone
Lilydale gatehouse at night
Gated stone
Azur Guide
Slate, board and chalk
Bent Fork
Joe Merrill
Harry Edwards
Mary's doll
Brooklyn Enigma - Molly Fancher
Morris Pratt Institute
Marilyn on the Stump at Lily Dale
Sam Inc
50 Year Reunion
Anne and Wayne
Cherry Blossoms in Wash DC
Camp Verde, AZ
Mission Inn with friends
Kathy and Frank in Arizona
Victorian Ladies
The 08 Sanford Flood
Snow in Lilydale
US Coast Guard
Niagara Falls
Mt Dora Luncheon
Hammond Organ
Assembly Hall
Gratsley Stump
Forest Temple
Lily Dale Museum
Stewart Street
Colby Temple
Davis Building
Healing Center
Healing Meeting
Marilyn on the Stump
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