St. Joseph's  Indian Children
David Swallow
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St. Labre Indian Children
Joseph Fire Crow
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The N.A.I.’s have always been dear to my heart. Sitting Bull has often been seen in the séance room.  More recently, I have been introduced to Medicine Man, David Swallow and his wonderful performances along with the majestic flute player, Joseph Fire Crow.  They are available for concert. See YouTube videos, like First Talk With Tamara Bull - David Swallow,  The White Buffalo
or Google for other links.

If you are looking for a good cause to support, I recommend you check out the websites for St. Joseph’s Indian School in South DakotaSt. Labre Indian School in Montana, and Southwest Indian Foundation in Gallup, New Mexico.  We, ‘the white man’, put them on the reservations and have allowed them to live in conditions worse than Third World countries.  

The schools on the reservations provide an education for the children. Many of these children have no family nor home. Many of them graduate, go to college and return to give service to the Reservation's inhabitants.  The Foundation, by help of volunteers, builds houses. From generous donations, they place heat stoves in homes where many nearly freeze during the piercing cold  winters on the plains. Your donations allow them to provide large food baskets at Thanksgiving and Christmas, as well as see that each child gets a stocking.  


One of the three lodges in the world is located in Montgomery, Texas. Although, it would be wonderful for you to visit the Lodge, you do not have to go that far to study the wondrous teachings given by White Eagle through the mediumship of Grace Cooke.  You can also start a group in your own locale and study the teachings of White Eagle, such as healing, meditation, philosophy, spirituality and more. You can become a member of the Lodge for a moderate fee. The Lodge is open to everyone and is non-denominational. On the grounds is The Church of St. John, an international interfaith church which honors all spiritual paths. One main purpose of the Lodge is to understand Brotherhood. You also may choose attending a special Retreat at the Lodge.  Rather than try to recreate their wonderful story, just click on White Eagle Lodge in the heading.


It is an awesome experience entering the cage and having a wonderful wolf rub up against you, hug you, and/or kiss you.  This is exactly what Frank, Kathleen, Sandy, Margie and I did this past October.  

The Reverend Jean LeFevre generously shared her life and the Wolf Sanctuary with us. She shares the story of each wolf, how they came to the sanctuary, and how they are doing now.  

Once again, rather than try to recreate, simply go to the website by clicking on St. Francis Wolf Sanctuary in the heading.
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White Eagle photos
White Eagle Temple
White Eagle Painting
White Eagle Lodge
Front of the White Eagle Temple
Friendly Wolf
Another friendly wolf
Marilyn petting a wolf
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Rev Jean LeFebre and a beloved wolf
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