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"Awtry House Bed & Breakfast"
A Spiritual State of Mind...
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S tep into the "Awtry House Bed & Breakfast" which has been designed in partnership with the architect of the universe. With the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, the time has come to open the doors and share the light shining from every corner of every room of the house. Just like a prism reflects light or splits light into components, this Retreat offers perfect and magnificent getaways from the busy world of your every day life.

P ut yourself in alignment with this expansive "prairie of the mind" while you explore the different rooms (pages); all offering an opportunity to reflect on the components of spirituality. Every day is a new beginning or can be a continuation of the journey you have chosen to take at this time.

I n most every B&B, breakfast consists of pastries, eggs, bacon, and the like. At the Awtry House B&B, you can choose to start every day with the breakfast of communing with your higher self, as well with the source of all – The Great Spirit. My breakfast buffet is here to assist you on your journey through life.

R est assured, just like in any B&B, here you are also offered various themes for the guest suites. At this B&B, my 'pages' offer different avenues to enhance your spiritual growth. Some guests at my B&B are about to begin another step in their Spiritual Journey here on the earth plane. Every "room" in this elaborate B&B will offer you additional teachings of life here and hereafter.

I n your exploration of these "rooms", look for information beyond that which you have been taught. You may choose not to enter every room at this time, but when the time is right, you may find reinforcement of that which you have gleaned on your path toward enlightenment. It may be that you prefer the out doors; in that case, prepare yourself for a stroll through the gardens, the pathways and trails or sit on a bench under an old tall tree, or perhaps next to one of the magnificent ponds. Feel free to choose your favorite room and visit again and again.

T rust that within the "walls" of this B&B, you may find various additional pathways to assist you towards your own enlightenment. You may also find stepping stones for cleansing the mind. There is a kitchen where you can enjoy your own recipe of meditation or just relax your Body, Mind and Spirit in one of the wide comfortable hammocks under a huge old oak tree. Perhaps you might enjoy my scrap books entitled: Photo Gallery or Passions. Be sure to check out the Recommended Links and the Suggested Reading rooms as you continue on your journey.

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