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Spirit Intermediary
It happened in the humble cottage in the hamlet of Hydesville, New York.  A murdered peddler, Charles B. Rosna* broke the barrier between the spirit world by raps, banging and trampling up and down the stair case. Nine year old Catherine reacted to the peddler's noise and received a response from the peddler. Eleven year old Margaretta furthered the communication.  Then, Mrs. Fox who was not new to Spirit communication verified that it was indeed a spirit communicating with them. From this humble beginning came the birth of Modern American Spiritualism. *Recent found documentation about his Tombstone shows his name as "Charles B. Cresmer"

For 172 years, mediums have comforted many bereaved people by connecting them with their loved one's in the Spirit World.  However, today many remain uneducated in this communication between the two worlds.  It remains our task to continue to enlighten humanity of the continuity of life and the fact communication continues between those on earth and those in Spirit. 

Although books have been published, television series developed, seminars, workshops, and church services have been offered and Spiritualists around the world continue to bring forth the words of those in Spirit to their loved ones on earth, many are of closed mind.  It is difficult for many people to accept change.  It is difficult for many to 'think for themselves' and they continue to be led by those lost in the throws of yesterday's teachings.  How wonderful to know that life goes on!

Today, Spiritualists are returning to the Home Circles.   It was in the home circle that the manifes-tations of Spirit became prominent in the 19th Century. Séance rooms have been filled with sitters awaiting materializations of those who have left this earth life and have gone on in a continuity of life.   Although physical mediumship has shown a severe decline after the 1940's, once again many dedicated groups are holding weekly meetings. This type of atmosphere offers the demonstrations so needed by the world today.  Table tipping, transfigurations, and trumpet mediumship are beginning to manifest on a regular basis.  Today, tables, trumpets, tambourines, and slates are  available in various shops across the country. 

     Spirit communication is a fact!

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After many centuries of Spirit Commun-ication, it is no longer a 'what if' but now the parapsychologists are searching for the ans-wer "How does it happen? What takes place in the mind of the medium?  How does ecto-plasm form to produce physical phenom-ena? What is ectoplasm, any way?" 

In this 21st Century, more individuals are seeking truth of the after life. Spiritualism offers the facts and proof by the demon-stration of mediumship.

Spiritualists around the world celebrated the 172nd Anniversary of the Birth of Modern Spiritualism.

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