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If you are searching for information in regard to Modern Spiritualism, try contacting Marilyn, known as the 'Spiritualism's Walking Encylopedia of the 21st Century.'

BORN: Amityville, L.I., New York. Daughter of  the late Rev. William A. and Bertha E. Jackson.

Grammer School: Copiague Grammar School;
High Schools: Amityville High School for her first year; Grover Cleveland Highin Ridgewood, Queens, New York;
N.Y. Institute of Applied Arts & Sciences,Brooklyn, N.Y
Course: Dental Hygiene; 
University of Virginia: Business Law and Contracting 

AWARDS: Who's Who of American Women in 1983, 2013; Who's Who of Women of the World in 1984; NSAC Literary Award in 2004, and the Cambridge Who's Who of 2010-2011. 
About Marilyn Updated Oct 2016
In 2019, my research resulted in the greatest find and corrects previous incorrect information that has been promulgated since  1849.  In 1898, Mrs. Fox's Grandson wrote a promised letter to Mr. & Mrs. E. Sprague, Pioneers of Spiritualism,  giving them the information about the Memorial grave for the peddler. The tombstone gave his correct name as Charles B. Cresmer, age 31, murdered by John Bell. {Charles B. Rosna is proven incorrect!!}

SECULAR LIFE:  Employed in Dental field until 1952. Began U.S. Government career at Patrick Air Force Base, FL, in 1957 and  trained in Research & Development (R&D) contracting; In 1969, accepted promotion to  NASA the Kennedy Space Center. The major part of her career was as a R&D Contracting Officer for the U. S. Coast Guard in Washington, D.C.

HER LIFE IN SPIRITUALISM: Marilyn completed The General & Advanced Courses of Spiritualism through the Morris Pratt Institute. To perfect her mediumship, she studied with the world renowned Robert Bos for several years and with B. Anne Gehman for a couple of months.  In 1966, Marilyn officially began her career in Spiritualism by giving her first public discourse at the Colby Auditorium in Cassadaga, FL, entitled “Spiritualism View of Creation.”  In October 1969, she attended her first National Spiritualist Association Convention in Miami, FL.  She received her National Spiritualist Teacher’s Degree, June 2, 1971;  Granted the rite of Ordination in the Auditorium, Cassadaga, FL with the Rev. Harrison Engle officiating, June 3, 1973; Certified as a Mental Medium, December 22, 1975; Appointed Missionary in 2014-present.  Since her first engagement, Marilyn has served many organizations across the United States, as well as in Canada. 
    She has been regularly engaged by Spiritualist Camps and State Associations as the featured speaker and medium.  She practices Integrated Healing with Healing International. As a columnist, routinely submits articles to various secular and spiritual magazines. In 1978, she served as Contributing Editor on the staff of The National Spiritualist–Summit of Understanding. She has contributed articles over 50 years. In 2007, she became a U.S.A. Correspondent for the Psychic World, Greenford, Middlesex, England contributing for ten years.

In 1976, she and the late Rev. Margaret L. King founded the Church of the Spirit, Washington, D.C.  Marilyn served as the Pastor from 1977-1980; leaving the position on Govt retirement and moving to Florida.

MORRIS PRATT INSTITUTE (MPI): Marilyn received membership in the MPI of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In 1979, Marilyn and Paula Vogt were commissioned by the Board of Directors of the M.P.I. to co-author The New Educational Course on Modern Spiritualism.  After three years of researching, writing, and editing it was published in 1983. It is the required course to become certified or ordained by The National Spiritualist Association of Churches. {Disclaimer: Since the 'original course' has since been modified by others, I cannot be responsible for statements that are not proven factually.} In 2015, Marilyn has been assigned as a Mentor for the course; students may apply accordingly.

In 1983, the Delegates of the 91st Annual Convention of the NSAC elected her as a Trustee on the Board of Trustees to fill the one-year term vacated by the Reverend Evelyn Muse.   In 1984, the delegates of the 92nd Annual Convention re-elected her for a full three-year term. Although nominated again in 1987, she declined the nomination. She then co-founded the Harmonial Philosophy Association. Although the venue has changed it remains based in Meadville, PA. Marilyn has also served as a member on the Board of the Florida State Association of Spiritualist Ministers until it closed its operation in 2016.  Her many years of dedicated service is no secret.

VOLUNTEER: Marilyn donated untold hours in the NSAC Office in Cassadaga, Florida, as well as in the Library, sorting books and records which had been packed up for several years in NSAC's previous location. The library was divided and alphabetically filed in two rooms. The room on the porch had been identified as the beginning of a Spiritualist Museum.  A framed purple velvet background was adorned by a badge from each Annual Convention from 1893 forward. The Andrew Jackson Davis memorabilia collection, i.e., his walking cane and his medical box of instruments, had been placed carefully in the drawers of an antique cabinet, along with other such items as stamps, slate writings, etc.  Many boxes of records were appropriately filed, sealed, and labeled for storage.  Many framed pictures were gathered and stored and a wealth of our history placed in leatherette bound albums. At present (2020) the Library is moving downstairs and entered through the book store.

In 2008, she experienced deja vu by once again organizing and/or modifying the NSAC Library in the NSAC General Office Lily Dale, NY, as well as beginning the "Archive Project".  Unfortunately in 2009, the project was put on hold by the NSAC president at that time. In 2015, the project was again reactivated. Due to extensive use, it became necessary to redo the Library in summer of 2016. We are fortunate that Brandon Hodge from the Interntional Association of Preservation of Spiritualism & Occult visited and digitized many items on their site.

Appointed Chair of the Manual Revision Committee, Oct 2012.  The manual was totally revised to 21st century style and submitted to the NSAC Board for review......although some Board members thought it a wonderful update, time lapsed and, in October 2014, the Board chose to shelve the Revision. The Board then appointed a member in CA to finish the project. Sadly it was released in 2017 with minimal changes retaining a great part of the 1919 manual.

Marilyn has submitted articles for over 50 years as well as having served on the staff. She continues to have her articles published today, 2020. IF you are searching anything particular, contact me  at mjawtry3[email protected]

In 1982, Marilyn authored and published Brighten Your Way–a Guide for Daily Living the Positive Way.  This booklet was the first daily meditation guide written by a Spiritualist for Spiritualists.  Her seed-thought booklet entitled, You and a Way, 1969, opened the door to many a seeker of truth.  She has written a total of 34 booklets on various aspects of Spiritualism. In 2007, she authored her first of ten (10) books --River of LIfe-How to Live in the Flow (80 natural spiritual laws). This was followed by Light from Beyond the Tomb: Spiritualism Survived in 2009. Shen-men Publishing released Spiritualism and the Bible Connection in 2011, followed by Spiritualism on the Move: A Reality Check for the New CenturyLiving in the Light: A Guide to Spiritualism's Philosophy was published in 2012, Path of Light 2014 and Cassadaga: Where Spirits Meet, 2014. In In 2015 the first booklet of her Sunflower Series was made available. It is entitled Booklet #1 - Spirit Photography; Booklet #2 - The Home Circle and Booklet #3 - Table-Tipping Booklet #4 - Voice Phenomena.....and #5 and more on the way. Watch for whats in process (2020).

Her very first book was released in 2004 entitled "Sunrise to Sunset - There is Always Hope." It is a welcome guide to anyone grieving the loss of a loved one through physical death.

The Science and Philosophy of Spiritualism is engraved deeply in her heart and expressed vibrantly in her writings as well as in demonstration as she lives by the natural laws.  As an author, editor, and publisher, Marilyn's contributions have opened the doorway of understanding for many individuals.  Her latest endeavor was founding Shen-men Publishing!

In October 2014, the project began by soliciting Spiritualists around the world for donations to have the Fox Headstone recarved as it was not legible. There were many hills and valleys but persistence is a trait I acquired many years ago. As soon as funds were available, we solicited for the recarving. The contract was awarded to Davydove Monuments and they delivered it September 14, 2016. At 1:37 P.M. I received the message "It is Done!"  But Not Over.  After viewing the beautiful stone, my partner on this project Frank Kotowski and I decided it was not finished. Thus, Frank, Val and I donated the scalloped edging for the Seasonal Garden, and I ordered the Seasonal Flowers for the Fall. It is simply AWESOME!  For now, see pictures on facebook by inserting the words "Fox Headstone Project.  Frank and Val live on Long Island and give of their time and service to order the flowers for the gravesite from the generous donations received on regular intervals (the girls Birthdays and the Anniversary of Modern Spiritualism, March 31st).

Once the Fox Headstone Project came to completion, the voice of Spirit assigned my next project - A Time Capsule to be buried and opened 100 years later. At present, items are being collected for insertion in the Capsule.

ENTREPRENEUR: Always interested in enlightenment for all, Marilyn opened her first mail-order book store in Virginia in 1979, named The Rose Garden Book Nook. It moved to Cassadaga, FL but changed its venue upon opening a shop in the Cassadaga Hotel, known as The Rose Garden Book Nook & Gift Shop. As a resident of the Camp in FL, she authored and published a magazine entitled, The Cassadagan.  Although the magazine was a doorway to philosophy, its main objective was to present news and tidbits for the community. One section was entitled “Around and About Cassadaga.”

Marilyn has held Membership in many organizations such as: American Society Psychical Research, Institute of Noetic Sciences, The Parapsychology Foundation, The Lily Dale Assembly, the National Spiritualist Association of Churches, White Eagle Lodge, the Harmonial Philosophy Association, the Association for Research and Enlightenment, the Florida State Association of Spiritualist Ministers, International Healers, Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Campmeeting Association,The National Spiritualist Teacher's Club and Family Services of Habitat for Humanity.  Membership  by transfer, was accepted in The First Spiritualist Church of West Allis, Wisconsin in June 2021.


Sunflower Series: Booklet #1 Spirit Photography  May 2015
Booklet #2 The Home Circle Sep 2015
Booklet #3 Table-Tipping Dec 2015
       Booklet #4 Voice Phenomena August 2016
Path of LIght, Vol I and Path of LIght, Vol. II  April 1, 2014.
Cassadaga (FL) Where Spirits Meets October 2014
Living in the Light: A Guide to Spiritualism's Philosophy, Apr 2012
Spiritualism on the Move: A Reality Check for a New Century, 2011
Spiritualism & The Bible Connection, 2011
Light from Beyond the Tomb: Spiritualism Survived, 2008
  River of Life: How to Live in the Flow, 2007
(2nd Printing/Revised 2011, (76 Natural Laws – Spiritual)
​Sunrise to Sunset - There is Always Hope 
(2nd Printing/Revised 2011, (76 Natural Laws – Spiritual)

Availability of the Books listed above:
  The Lily Dale Books Store, 
The Bargain Shop in Lily Dale, Fellowship of the Spirit, Cassadaga, N.Y., 
Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp Book Store, 
National Spiritualist Association of Churches Book Store (on line),
and in various Spiritualist Churches and Summer Camps,
 Distributed  by Ingram in many languages around the globe.

Books & Booklets
  You and a Way (7th printing)
  The History of the N.S.A.C 
  They Paved the Way (Spiritualism's Pioneers)
  The Sunflower
  [Sorry, several are out of print but in process of updating and reissued

 Tapping your Ultimate Skills -- Dreams & The Spirit Connection
The Rhythmic Universe & Your Rhythmic Life --  Mediumship Energetics
Stepping Stones of Modern Spiritualism {Past, Present & Future}
Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow  -- A Psychic You, The Big Picture
   The Intuitive You -- You Can Have it All
Spirit Photograhy & Skotographs
Personal Transformation
 Ministerial Course for Spiritualists
   Co-Author of the Original MPI New Educational Course of Modern Spiritualism, 1983

Co-authored Study & Workbooks under SAM, Inc. (Spiritualism & More)
  Contemporary Definitions of Psychic Phenomena and Related Subjects 
  Introductory Approach to Natural Law - Books, Books & More Books
  Educating of a Psychometrist – Representing the Religion of Spiritualism 
  Who’s Who in Spiritualism of Yesteryear - A Poet Ponders – The Missing Link 
  The Widow’s Mite - Natural Law Governs

  Psychic World  (UK)
  The National Spiritualist (TNS) 
  Various secular magazines

Created the Historical
  Spiritualism’s Millennium Calendar (2000)
Created  for the Millenium; however, its value today is the fact that it contains 
Spiritualism's history from 1810 through 2000.
An artist was engaged to draw a picture for every month of the year.  

Marilyn J. Awtry
Spirit Intermediary
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