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by Marilyn Awtry on 04/07/18

April 2018

Many have questioned why no update on Thoughts, Sunflower Seeds, and Blog. Well, I have returned.  Sorry to have to say I suffered a stroke while at the NSAC Convention Oct 28, 2017. Its been an experience and journey. I quickly looked for help from Spirit Healers and promised to follow our prayer for healing and "DO MY PART."  I have done exercises I found on the web and have totally restored the affected index and middle finger on my right hand. Still make some typos but working at perfection.

I had some damage to peripheral vision and am now in a program by NovaVisiion and expecting full results. Yes I am doing my part. I have began reactivation of my work as a Spiritualist Minister, Speaker, Medium and Teacher.  My first service was Speaker/Medium on Sunday March 25th at the Spiritualist Church of Awareness....appropriately asked to speak on the Anniversery of Modern Spiritualism on March 31st. Also served as Medium at the annual Victorian Seance at the Church. Thankful I am almost all ME again. But know I must not over do.

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