by Marilyn Awtry on 01/06/17

At 1:30 P.M. on Wednesday, September 14, those words were transmitted to me by email from Frank Kotowski who witnessed the resetting of the Fox Stone on their grave in Cypress Hills Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York.        We are proud of Spiritualists from many organizations who participated by donating to the project and saw fit that we honor Margaretta and Catherine Fox - founders of Modern Spiritualism. You can read the article squeezed in The National Spiritualist Magazine between adverts and of minimal size. Its not in the Index but is on Page 35. If you would like to see the stone, go to Facebook and insert Fox Headstone Project.

    The project commenced in 2007 but revived in 2014 after a group who had attended the Annual Convention took a tour to the site. While standing in a circle around the stone and offering a prayer, a rock some-one had placed on the old stone flew off in the middle of our circle. We took it as a phenomenon and Maggie and Katie displaying their pleasure at our desire to re-carve the illegible stone carving. Davydove Monuments won the contract and did an awesome job for us. Should you be near Brooklyn, you can go to Cypress Hills Cemetery in Brooklyn, Section 3 Lot 355. est of all, the Fox Sisters are now on the list of Notables and the sign indication is #32. Interesting fact is the cemetery was founded in 1848 the same year of the happenings in Hydesville where a murdered peddler, Charles B. Rosna, bridged the two worlds and made communication with the Fox Sisters.
     The stone is awesome and the flower garden placed at the base of the stone adds to its beauty. Seasonal Flowers can be placed from the Cemetery Gift Shop. Donations can still be sent to Frank Kotowski at 1034 Fire Island Avenue Bay Shore, NY 11206. They will be used to keep the stone refurbished so it never fades out again, as well as place a wreath on March 31st of each year in honor of the Anniversary of Modern Spiritualism.
     Thank all of you who knew in your hearts this was the right thing for Spiritualists to do and donated generously. Be Blessed!

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