by Marilyn Awtry on 09/26/16

The re-carved Headstone was placed on the gravesite on September 14, 2016.  The call came in at 1:37 PM. stating, "It is Done!"

A hearty thank you to all of you who supported this effort with your generous donations.

Frank Kotowski ordered the scalloped edging to form a flower bed in front of the base of the stone. It should be in place within two weeks. (Oct 10) I have ordered the Seasonal Flowers to be placed in the bed.
Anyone can place the seasonal flowers by going to the Cypress Hills Cemetery Website. 

I know the Fox Sisters are pleased that their Headstone is one again readable and I know I am thrilled that the project is completed. The first steps were taken  in 2007 only to hit major roadblock....but in 2014 action was taken soliciting funds from around the world as well as on line at Crowdwise. The remaining funds will be utilized to keep the stone polished and to place a wreath on the grave on March 31st of each year - The Anniversary of the Birth of Modern Spiritualism.
Persistence paid off!!!
Words are not sufficient to express our gratitude!

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